4 Great Examples Of Service Design

4 Great Examples Of Service Design

What makes a customer keep coming back for more when they can get the same thing elsewhere?

The answer is service.

The quality of the experience they have with the service you provide will either leave them with a sweet or a bitter taste.

It really is that simple.

Given we live in a service economy, it’s staggering how often many providers get it so wrong. The odd thing is, it’s not particularly difficult and even the smallest of touches can go a long way to making something a memorable experience.

By way of inspiration, let’s take a look at some examples of service done well.

1. The skin-saving pub landlord

Last summer in the UK was a scorcher with the sun reaching every corner of this small island.

Unsurprisingly, it was a great time for those in the drinks trade. Pubs everywhere were doing better-than-usual business.

At one local, they had a number of tables outside. A great place to eat during the summer. However, British people aren’t used to the sun and so often forget to adequately protect themselves.

The pub owner was acutely aware of this.

When any new customers sat down outside, he would come out with the menus along with a large container of sunscreen.

2. The film lover’s ultimate DVD store

Cast your mind back to the days of physical media.

You know those plastic things called cassettes, CDs and DVDs. They used to take up a lot of room in anyone’s house. Nowadays, they’re like gold dust and the trip to Blockbuster is no longer a weekend ritual.

Back then, one of the biggest challenges involved choosing a film. It was easy to suffer from the paradox of choice.

One rental store in Hong Kong understood that feeling and had a shelf that organised films by Oscar winning year.

Not only did this narrow down your choice of options it also meant you were guaranteed to pick something worth watching.

A Japanese book story in Tokyo had a similar idea when they decided to only ever sell one book at a time.

3. The contact lens company that’s sweet on the details

Let’s be honest, ordering contact lenses is not one of life’s greatest pleasures.

It’s hardly the most exciting package to receive in the post.

One company has made it an event with a simple addition. They send you a mini packet of Haribo sweets every time you order a new batch.

It’s at little cost to them but it makes a big difference to the customer.

4. The private members club who think of everything

Soho House is an exclusive members club with a chain of ‘houses’ around the world.

Their first house opened in London in 1995 and since then they’ve add Miami, Istanbul, and Manhattan to name but a few.

There are many little details they’ve thought through to make the experience of being at any of their establishments a memorable one.

For example, the wifi password is the same for every house you visit so you never have to go through the annoying process of entering in separate passwords.

Their food menus have a house favourites option which is the same in each house around the world so there’s always something familiar to eat.

It’s a bit like that feeling when you go abroad and you spot a brand that they have back home.

Familiarity breeding comfort but in a good way.

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