Why it's good to be an intrapreneur

Why it's good to be an intrapreneur

Statistically speaking, at the end of your life, you are most likely to regret that you didn’t do more of what you love.  

The harsh reality is that most people do not love their jobs.

They want stability.

They live for the weekend and look forward to their annual holiday. They are working to live as opposed to living to work.

So much so that a recent global study by Gallup revealed that only 13% of the global workforce are engaged in their jobs.

That means 87% are disengaged. That’s a lot of unhappy campers.

Many years of research into what makes people happy shows that a big driver of people's happiness is being engaged in a meaningful job that gives them a sense of purpose.

Most jobs do not satisfy this urge.

So what are the alternatives?

One of the most satisfying things anyone can do is to start their own company. It gives them a strong sense of purpose. However, entrepreneurship carries a great amount of risk and stress so it’s not for everyone.

Intrapreneurship offers a third option that is set apart from corporate slavery and high risk entrepreneurship. One that allows you to find meaningful work and provides you with a regular paycheck.

So why is it good to be an intrapreneur?

1. Allows you to advance your own career by creating new opportunities for yourself.  

2. Enables you to affect meaningful change instead of simply maintaining the status quo. 

3. Increases job satisfaction by introducing new challenges into your current job.

4. Provides a risk averse alternative to being an entrepreneur with many of the upsides. 

5. Helps you learn new skills and develop your creativity.

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