It's always been like that

It's always been like that

If you thought that emergency vehicles have blue lights so they can be seen better then you would be wrong.

Blue lights were first used during the Second World War by the German secret police.

This made them harder to spot during the enforced blackouts which were designed to make it difficult for English bombers to hit their targets at night.

After the war, other police forces continued to use these lights even though they are difficult to detect at night.

Amazingly, the same is true of the colour red and its use on emergency vehicles.

The most suitable colour for being seen both during the day and at night is yellow (which explains why US school buses are this colour).

Even though this is a well known fact, many fire engines are still painted red.

Once something becomes the accepted way of doing something, it then becomes hard to overcome it.

Even when it’s not the optimal solution.

Exercise: Identify three things you think could be improved by doing them a different way.

Creativity is about challenging assumptions to find new and better ways of doing things.

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Using Christmas to end war

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