How to apply creative ideas

How to apply creative ideas

Damian Hirst is a world famous artist. 

His works including The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living and For the Love of God have sold for tens of millions making him a wealthy man.  

What most people don’t know is that he’s by no means a one-man band. In fact, he has an army of people in his studio making his ideas into reality. 

In 2012, The Guardian newspaper reported that 250 people worked for him in the lead up to his retrospective at the Tate museum in London. 

The truth is that good ideas are worthless. They only become valuable once they are executed. 

This is why creative thinkers need implementers. The myth of the lone genius really is a myth. 

For an idea to become reality you need systems in place to carry them from their fragile early state into the finished product. 

Ultimately, it’s a team game. 

Here are 7 suggestions to help with getting ideas made:

  1. Get buy in from the top. Someone to champion your cause.

  2. Have a plan of action. Know where you’re heading. 

  3. Make people accountable for doing their bit. 

  4. Build a balanced team. Thinkers need executors. 

  5. Have a bias towards action. Inertia is a killer. 

  6. Create an environment that’s conducive to making it all happen. 

  7. Share a visible indicator of progress with the group. 

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