Break old patterns

Break old patterns

In life, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

It’s the feeling of repeating the same actions everyday, over and over again. Not only can it lead to boredom and frustration, it’s also hampers our creativity.

One American advertising worker found himself in such a spot. 

To break out of it, he decided to challenge himself to find a different route to work everyday. 

Over the next nine years, he took a new path to the office every day.

Towards the end, he was forced to get creative by reversing up one way streets so he didn’t repeat himself. 

Once the mind gets into a cycle of repetitive tasks it can feel like we are on autopilot gliding along without really being aware of what’s going on around us. 

How can we break free from this stagnation? 

By forcing ourselves to try new things. 

The more we expose ourselves to novel stimuli, the greater the chance the brain has of making new connections. 

This doesn’t just have to be about taking a different route to work everyday. It covers all dimensions of life such as cooking, music, reading, sports, and so on. 

Try to make your behaviour less predictable and allow room for spontaneity. When you catch yourself about to say “no” then respond with “yes” instead. 

So go on.

Get out there and try something new today. 

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The man who invented jogging

The man who invented jogging

Creativity is not a trait. It’s a habit.

Creativity is not a trait. It’s a habit.