The Best of Rory Sutherland

The Best of Rory Sutherland

Is it possible to have too much of Rory Sutherland? We don’t think so and we don’t believe you do either.

For the record, the man is as charming and delightful in real life as you’d expect.

To help you fill your boots with his wit and wisdom we’ve compiled a list of his best bits below:

TED talks

  1. Life lessons from an ad man

  2. Sweat the small stuff

  3. Perspective is everything


  1. ‘The Psychology of Advertising’ - The Knowledge Project Podcast

  2. ‘Unseen Opportunities with Rory Sutherland’ - O Behave Podcast

  3. ‘Marketing Week Meets: Rory Sutherland’ - Marketing Week Podcast

  4. ‘Rory Sutherland in conversation’ - The IPA Podcast

  5. ‘Advertising with Rory Sutherland’ - Virgin Media Business VOOM Podcast


  1. The Wiki Man by Rory Sutherland

  2. Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense by Rory Sutherland

  3. dot: Rory Sutherland: Thinking like a marketing genius by Mike Dariano


1. “Engineers, medical people, scientific people, have an obsession with solving the problems of reality, when actually...once you reach a basic level of wealth in society, most problems are actually problems of perception.”

2. “The human mind does not run on logic any more than a horse runs on petrol.”

3. “Effective communication will always require some degree of irrationality in its creation because if it’s perfectly rational it becomes like water, entirely lacking in flavour.”

4. “A flower is a weed with an advertising budget.”

5. “Henry Ford’s reaction to a consultant who questioned why he paid $50,000 a year to someone who spent most of his time with his feet on his desk. “Because a few years ago that man came up with something that saved me $2,000,000,” he replied. “And when he had that idea his feet were exactly where they are now.”

Are we missing anything? What other great Rory resources are out there?

If you’ve exhausted the above resources and you’re still hungry for more then try our course on Behavioural Economics made with the great man himself.

We’re all born creative

We’re all born creative

We sent a man to the moon before we put wheels on a suitcase

We sent a man to the moon before we put wheels on a suitcase