25 ways to seek inspiration

25 ways to seek inspiration

You’ve no doubt experienced that feeling when you’re working on something and you find yourself stuck.

The best thing to do in this situation is to calmly acknowledge the fact and stop what it is that you’re doing.

Don’t try and fight it.

Instead, take a break and seek inspiration somewhere completely different. On your return you will likely find your mind has become magically unblocked and is ready to pick up from where you left off. 

With this in mind, here are 25 ways to fire up the imagination:

1.  Watch a documentary

2. Volunteer for a charity

3. Attended a conference

4. Browse through inspirational quotes

5. Read three interesting posts on Medium

6. Seek out three interesting Pinterest accounts

7. Ask or respond to three questions on Quora

8. Seek out three interesting Reddit posts

9. Search Twitter using the hashtag #inspiration

10. Buy an old and unusual book from a second hand book store

11. Check out the reading lists of some smart people

12. Spend a few hours in an art gallery

13. Join your public library and take out a book 

14. Listen to some world music

15. Take a city walking tour

16. Watch an inspirational TED talk

17. Join a cooking class

18. Read the biography of someone you greatly admire

19. Visit the zoo

20. Take a trip to a museum

21. Seek out an event to attend on Eventbrite

22. Go for a walk in nature

23. Travel somewhere new

24. Spend some time with children and see the world from their perspective

25. Volunteer at an old people's home and ask some of the residents what inspires them

Any others you'd like to share? Please feel free to add a comment below. 


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