The benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation

Some Tibetan monks are so practised at meditation that they can raise their skin temperature by 17 degrees fahrenheit while keeping their core temperature constant.

Several have even turned bathfuls of ice into water after being submerged for a few minutes!

The benefits of meditation are numerous. They’re almost superpowers (especially if you’re a Tibetan monk). Let’s look at them in terms of physical, emotional and cognitive benefits:


• It helps to improve your physical health and immune system

• It’s been proven to lower your blood pressure


• It helps you regulate emotions and choose your responses

• It reduces stress and anxiety


• It helps you to sustain your focus and concentration

• It has even been shown to help grow brain cells

It does take practice, but many of the benefits can be seen after just two months. So have patience - your rewards will be rich and plentiful.

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